In our nordic cuisine we like to present simple key ingredients from local sources. We hunt wild game, catch fish and gather wild herbs, fungi and berries to use in our cooking. Over the summertime we grow our own vegetables and herbs, despite the extremely harsh conditions here at the northern end of the world. We passionately believe that obtaining raw ingredients from nature is a very important part of how we experience the food we eat.

We explain Nordic culture and good raw ingredients for cooking to our guests and we offer them an insight into our daily Nordic lifestyle. We receive groups for our Icelandic food programme. The culinary history of Iceland will be covered and the key ingredients will be explained.

We are committed to using natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner and adjusting individual lifestyles in order to conserve our precious environment.

Our dining room is open at dinnertime for our overnight guests and for other groups who book at least two days in advance.