Our books

Our Vision – the thinking behind the books

We seek to give our readers ideas about how to achieve a rewarding and interesting lifestyle by looking to nature, rather than just buying processed foods from the supermarket. In the process, they can enjoy being outside in natural surroundings. We recommend good raw ingredients for cooking. We give simple instructions on how to grow your own vegetables and herbs. We describe the properties of wild herbs and how to use them. We explain how the wild game, meat and fish are cured and fully utilised. We want to give our readers a new, hands on vision of our country, how to use seasonal ingredients, as well as the fantastic ingredients that we have access to all the year round. We passionately believe that obtaining raw ingredients from nature, with our family, is a very important part of the experience of the food we eat.We want our daughters be able to enjoy the best that nature offers us and to learn to appreciate the bountiful gifts that the earth provides.

We believe strongly in using natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner and adjusting individual lifestyles in order to conserve our precious environment.