Nordic nature and nordic cuisine explored with Inga Elsa Bergþórsdóttir and Gísli Egill Hrafnsson

 Inga Elsa and Gísli Egill will share their special knowledge and experience of Icelandic cuisine and its connection to Iceland’s unique natural history. Participants will learn about using natural and wild food and the raw ingredients that can be found in northern climes.  They will also learn about traditional Nordic preservation and storage methods, and get hands on experience of preparing ingredients and cooking a meal.

In Blönduós, the group will arrive at Brimslóð Atelier, Inga and Gísli’s splendid home beside the sea, with its magnificent views across the open North Atlantic Ocean to the Westfjords peninsula beyond. There, the group will work together in the well equipped kitchen to prepare a light three-course meal, using ingredients gathered during the day and from the Brimslóð garden and greenhouse.

Inga and Gísli offer workshops of varying lengths to suit the different seasons, and tailor made to suit the size and composition of each group. They are always happy to respond to queries and new ideas for workshops.