Brimslóð is on the outskirts of a small village called Blönduós, which stands beside the estuary of the river Blanda, one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland. Our cottage is located right beside the North Atlantic Ocean, just a few meters from the water’s edge. It is a beautiful location and we use every opportunity to stay there, summer, winter or Christmas. We have chosen this place to be the set for our new book Sveitasæla.

Quality fish from the sea right outside our living room window; salmon and trout caught in the numerous rivers and lakes in the vicinity; local free range lamb and horse meat; free range Icelandic chicken; local honey from one of the northernmost hives in the world and dulse (seaweed) that we collect on the beach. We prepare salt from unpolluted seas; make herb salt with wild herbs; catch trout through a hole in a frozen lake with Northern lights dancing in the sky; and hunt ptarmigan in the snow-capped peaks. We will spend a happy Icelandic advent. While it is frosty and dark outside, we will be cosy inside our bright and warm house, baking cookies and preparing for Christmas.